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Ongoing Web development (WD) cohorts update

Posted on 18 January 2024

WD11Y23-WD 201

  • In Web Development 201 (WD201), we have three firm deadlines throughout the course- at L5, at L10 and at Final Capstone-failing to meet which the students shall be offboarded from the course.

On 20 December 2023, we had our first deadline - the students had to complete all the milestones until Milestone 5 (M5), to continue their learning journey.

147/323 students managed to meet the deadline and are still in the course.

WD10Y23- WD301

  • All the 8 students enrolled in WD301 have managed to meet the all the weekly deadlines in the course so far and have completed Level 3 in the course.


  • This is our first batch of students who shall be completing the Web development course series and getting their Minor Degree in Web development.
    Currently, we have 36 students enrolled in WD401 who are progressing to complete the course.