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Update on ongoing Web development Cohorts

Posted on 18 December 2023

WD11Y23 cohort

We launched our LAST scholarship Web development cohort, WD11Y23, on 07 November 2023. We received an overwhelming response with a total of 2828 students applying across 16 institutes.

323/2828 students managed to complete our beginner course WD101- the first milestone in our comprehensive Web development course series. Please refer to this to know more about the learning pathway offered to the students.

These 323 students are currently engaged in the study of Backend Web Development in the course WD201. This segment of our program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills essential for backend development.
WD10Y23 cohort
Further, 8 students from the preceding WD10Y23 cohort have managed to complete WD201 successfully and have started their learning journey in WD301, where they shall learn more about Frontend Web development.